Saturday, September 5, 2015

Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium 24, Really nice terrarium for my two leo's. in my opinion

A couple of days ago. I search for information on the Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium 24 by 18 by 12-Inch, so i would like to describe here.

Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium 24

The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium is the ideal reptile or amphibian housing designed by European herpetologists. The front opening doors allow easy access for maintenance and feeding. A specially designed lock will prevent escape and the doors can be opened separately. The full screen top ventilation allows UVB and infrared penetration and is completely removable for easy access .... Read more or Check Price

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Dino (Leopard Gecko) just moved into his new home and he really likes. Getting used to your new environment took only 20 min and was looking for adventure. by Busybeeerc

I bought this terrarium at Petsmart and overpaid for it. Maybe that I purchased it here. This is a good quality terrarium. The doors are easy to open and the top is escape-proof. by Lilly F.

It has a lot of room and it is not very high that it is good for animals that do not climb trees and so on but the inhabitants of the Earth. Published on January 24, 2013 by Leah


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